Sankofa Project
Community-Based Trauma Care for All

In partnership with Code Innovation and Butec Unlimited Innovation 

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Wear the Cause

#FlySankofa bracelets are now available online. Purchase single bracelets, packages of five, ten, or sponsor a full trauma relief group to support our efforts in evaluating and distributing evidence-based relief to communities impacted by war across Africa.

 Special thank you to Bono from U2 for supporting our campaign and to all U2 fans coming together to volunteer selling the bracelets during the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour! 

The Meaning Behind Sankofa

      In 2010, we filmed Kaba's inspiring life story while he was still a refugee from the Liberian Civil War. Ever since, he learned how to read and write, finished high school, is now graduating university with a bachelors degree in social work, minor in criminal justice, and he also built a successful construction business in Liberia - all while working for Second Chance Africa. His passion for the cause only accentuated now that we have the opportunity to also bring the Sankofa Project to South Sudanese refugees in the east. We named it Sankofa to honor Kaba's journey, and his lifelong mission to help war survivors. In this video, you can learn more about the powerful symbology of the Sankofa bird in West Africa. His wish is for Sankofa to fly high, bringing trauma relief to every war-impacted region in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are en route Kaba! Join us#flysankofa

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